This map documents and denounces systematic push-backs. They are a daily reality at the many borders of Europe and worldwide. Returning people across borders against their will is a violent state practice that has to end!

Please note: The real number of push-backs is much higher than those represented on this map. If a testimony or report lacks exact GPS-coordinates, the location of the marker is only an approximation. 


Dot with a number represents the amount of reported push-backs on a given territory. Number and color change according to the map zoom.

Blue: less than 10 
Yellow: less than 100
Red: more than 100 

Dot with no number represents a single report of a push-back. Different colors indicate the source / type of report or conditions of a push-back.  

Orange: push-back report including death outcome
Pink, green, neon yellow and neon blue: source / type of report
Grey: conditions of a push-back  

For example: Media report will be neon blue while media report about a push-back including death outcome will be orange. Grey dots also appear when using filters below the map.

You can choose which reports will be visible on the map by selecting filters in the box and below the map. New map layer focused on the push-back infrastructure is under construction. It will be represented by marine blue dots.

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