On this page, you can report push-backs • By filling in the first three boxes, you will create a pin on the push-back map. In a second step, you can fill in more details about the push-back. You can also upload files such as videos or pictures. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to reconstruct the incident. You can also report a push-back by writing us an e-mail.



  • Now you can upload documents, which relate to the push-back you have experienced and the details you have provided above (e.g. photos, videos, voice recordings, document received). Your documents will be stored securely. We will not publish a picture or document of yours without your authorisation. Every document published will be anonymised, so your name or identity will not be associated to them. If you would like to have these documents published, please share your contact with us so we can get in touch.


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