Personal report of a push-back from Slovenia

This report was originally submitted in Arabic

When did the push-back happen:07/04/2021
Where did the push-back start:In Slovenia, when the police found us in the forest at 45.534236,14.101677. 
We were taken to a police station.

Where did it end:
At a border crossing.
Places you have been to during the push-back:POLICE STATION, POLICE CAR, DETENTION ROOM
How many people were pushed-back?:4 men
How were you treated during the push-back?We were hit and injured, police shouted at us, slapped us, threatened us verbally and using guns, sprays and batons. They harrassed us, forced us to strip, frisked us and our belongings. They destroyed our belongings and stole some of them. They denied us food, water and sanitation facilities. They were attacking us with dogs and kept us in unventilated room.
Who pushed you back?
Pushback Conducted by uniformed police men and uniformed masked men with k9s. a group of 5 to 10 people.
Were you documented and how? Our personal information was recorded and our photos were taken. We were then forced to give our fingerprints and then forced to sign a paper. We were then given a paper that had unclear unreadable information.
I self-identify as:I am a Muslim Amazigh
Report:Slovenian police found us in the forest, they frisked us and then took us to a police station where they obtained our personal information, hotos and fingerprints. They kept us in detention for 1 day and a half and then we were driven to a border crossing where they handed us to the Croatian police, which drove us to the Bosnian borders at an abandoned border crossing. There, they took everything from us, stripped us and hit us then forced us into the Bosnian territories.
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