Personal report: “Pushbacks usually take place between Croatia and Bosnia”

This report was originally submitted in Arabic

When did the push-back happen:07/04/2021
Where did the push-back start:Pushbacks usually take place between Croatia and Bosnia, where it usually happens in the forests using surveillance cameras and microphones hidden in the woods. Sometimes there were many traps in secondary roads in which they brutally arrest us and hunt us because we avoid big roads since the locals report us when they see us

Where did it end:
Velika Kladuša
Places you have been to during the push-back:They took us into a an empty dark building, they didn’t provide us with any food or water. They also fill the ground with water to prevent us from sleeping. Many times masked police enter the building and start beating us. They stripped us, took all of our belongings, burned what they can’t sell. They were merciless and treated us like animals
How many people were pushed-back?We were four men
How were you treated during the push-back?We were hit and injured, police shouted at us, slapped us, threatened us verbally and using guns, sprays and batons. They harassed us, forced us to strip, frisked us and our belongings. They destroyed our belongings and stole some of them. They denied us food, water and sanitation facilities. They were attacking us with dogs and kept us in unventilated room.
Who pushed you back?Uniformed police men and uniformed masked men with k9s. a group of 5 to 10 people.
Were you documented and how? Our personal information was recorded and our photos were taken. We were then forced to give our fingerprints and then forced to sign a paper. We were then given a paper that had unclear unreadable information.
I self-identify as:I am a Muslim from Algeria
Report:We were four men, three from Morocco and I myself from Algeria, all Muslims, we chose to come to Europe for work and humane treatment, looking for stability and dreaming of studying medicine escaping prosecution by our governments.
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