Personal report of a push-back to Uzunköprü/Edirne

This report was originally submitted in Arabic

When did the pushback happen? 20/5/2021

Where did it end:
Places you have been to during the push-back:Police station and a prison.
How many people were pushed-back?75-100
Who were pushed-back?A family with a minor and a pregnant woman, one person with special needs, men and women.
How were you treated during the push-back?We were hit, and shouted at. The police was swearing at us all the time. They stripped me of my clothes and destroyed my mobile phone, my passport and food, and then they deprived us from food and water. 
Who pushed you back?Police, FRONTEX, gunmen
Did you apply for asylum?No
How many people were involved in the pushback?10-20
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