10 Kurdish refugees arrested and imprisoned in Turkey after a push-back from Greece

Reported by Cultural Center of Kurdistan in Greece

Push-back:From GREECE to TURKEY
When did the push-back happen:05/05/2019
Where did the push-back start: EVROS RIVER / EVROS REGION
How many people were pushed-back: 5-10
Who was pushed-back: SINGLE MAN, SINGLE WOMAN
How were you treated during the push-back:BEATEN, THREATENED VERBALLY, THREATENED WITH A WEAPON (e.g. spray, baton, handcuffs), ROBBED, PERSONAL SEARCH, MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS WERE DESTROYED (e.g. mobile)
Places you have been to during the push-back: OUTSIDE
How many people were involved in pushing you back:5-10
Did you ask for asylum:YES
How many times did you experience a push-back: FIRST TIME
Submitted written report:The Cultural Center of Kurdistan in Greece issued a press release that denounces multiple illegal push-backs of 10 Kurdish refugees in May-June 2019, which happen in cooperation with the Turkish police. All the ten were arrested and imprisoned in Turkey.
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