December report from French-Italian border

Reported by Kesha Niya Kitchen

We saw from the 01.12.19 to the 31.12.19 in Grimaldi Inferiore 549 man,
17 minors, 14 woman and 1 child.
We also witnessed a deportation bus passing the place with roughly 20
people inside. They are deported to Taranto.
It was a rather calm month compared to the months before, but still the
people out of the containers complained about the behaviour and the
injustice of the french and italian police.

*** Attention police violence following ***

One man told us he has a valid passport and a proof of the renewal of
his „permesso soggiorno“, but he still got send back to italy.
Another man and a minor reported to us that they hide in the train
toilets and when the police found them, they pepper sprayed the toilet,
handcuffed the minor and punched him in the face.
According to a guy the police stole an insurance and an association
One guy said he has official protection papers of a consulate, which he
said makes him able to cross the border to f rance, but he was send to
Another person reported to us that the controlleur in the train took 100
euros of some migrants, but when the police came he pointed them out to
get caught by the police.
A man told us he got beaten up by the police in the containers, because
he talked too much.
Someone said the police ripped his clothes, and the officer insisted
that we would tell people to hide in the toilets of the train.
A guy reported that the police tried to steal his document, but they
failed. And for that they destroyed his suitcase.
According to two persons the police stole their passports, but handed it
back a few days later when they got caught crossing the border again.
One guy told us, that the police grabbed him violently and punched him
in the ribs.
Another man reported that the police took 400 € from him.
A woman with a baby told us that the italian police threatened her to go
in jail, but she was send back to Italy.
And one guy told us that the italian police took him by his shirt and
threatened him not to come back to this border.

Furthermore the people told us that they got detained for way longer
than 4 hours.
5-10h x 8 ppl, 11h x 4 ppl, 12h x 3 ppl, 13h x2 ppl, 15h x 2 ppl, 18 h x
1 person and 19 h also one person.

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