Personal report of a push-back from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 22/05/2021

This report was originally submitted in English

When did the push-back happen:22/05/2021
Who is reporting the push-back?Grenzenlos-People in Motion
Where did the push-back start:Near Bojna, 45°11’46.1″N 16°02’09.6″E
Where did the push-back end?44415, Staro Selo Topusko, Kroatien, 45°12’44.0″N 15°55’45.0″E
Places you have been to during the push-back:OUTSIDE, POLICE CAR. we were transported in a white prisoner van with “Policija” in red
How many people were pushed-back?:5-10
Who was pushed-back:MINOR, FAMILY, ILL, SINGLE MAN
How were you treated during the push-back?BEATEN, INJURED, SHOUTED AT, SLAPPED, CURSED, THREATENED VERBALLY, THREATENED WITH A WEAPON (e.g. spray, baton, handcuffs), ROBBED, HARASSED, FORCED TO UNDRESS, PERSONAL SEARCH, MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS WERE CHECKED (e.g. mobile), MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS WERE DESTROYED (e.g. mobile), MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS WERE STOLEN (e.g. mobile), DENIED WATER AND/OR FOOD, DENIED MEDICAL TREATMENTthe male officer were laughing. They shot with electric device at the neck. They burned our clothes. Even a family did not get water for a Baby. They shot real bullets at the side of us when wie tried to pick up our raincoat from the ground. It was dark all the same. They cut a diaper of a baby to search for mobile phone.
Who pushed you back?PERSON IN UNIFORM. 3 commandos from Border Police/Military???? with covered face mask in grey, only eyes were seen. They wore green pants and jackets and a woolen black hat. 6 policemen including one female policewoman were wearing black uniforms with “Policija”. One Lady was very brutal. She was about 45 years. She had no mercy, she is brutal. She is very strong, very tall (185 cm) even the women she hit. The 2 year old she liftet up high in the air to tear her diapers. All of us were very scared of this woman. We are immigrants not criminals.n POLICE OFFICER, SOLDIER, PERSON WITH WEAPONS (e.g. spray, baton, handcuffs), PERSON WITH A CAR OR VAN
How many people were involved in pushing you back?5-10
Did you ask for asylum?Yes
Were you documented and how? MY PICTURE WAS TAKEN
How many times did you experience a push-back?4 times
I self-identify as:I am 15 years old, girl, from Afganistan. My mother is in Germany since one year. She is in hospital. I miss her a lot. Also my brother and sister are in Germany. I can not live without my mother. I have no one in Afghanistan. Just me and my brother who is together with me on this journey. He worked for germa military as well as Nato-Alliance in Mazar El Sharif, Kunduz, Kabul. Because we lost 7 closest members of our family, including our father. My father was an active employer of Afghanistan Government. He was killed by unkown people at the same time. We were attacked 4 times in our house but they failed. We had no other option then to flee from Afghanistan. It hast been a year that I have been seperated from my mother. My only crime is that I want to join my family. Now I face military forces who don`t want me to meet my mother.
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